Monday, December 31, 2012

Free "Everyday Prayers" eBook

Today (I have no idea if this offer extends beyond today), the Kindle version of Scotty Smith's excellent, gospel-centered Everyday Prayers book is free! I received it as a gift last year and enjoyed it so much it made my 12 Great Books For 2012 list. You don't need a Kindle to be able to read the book. Amazon provides a free online eReader or  you can even download a version for off line reading (I use the free online version). Happy New Year!


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Free eBook "Luxury of Less" Today!

Today you can download this eBook The Luxury of Less: The Five Rings of Minimalism from Amazon for free! If you're looking to simplify, declutter or move towards a more minimalist lifestyle you'll likely enjoy this free book.

It was written by a friend of a friend and I downloaded my copy already. I have a few other eBooks in my queue before I get to this one but I'm looking forward to it. You don't need a tablet or anything; Amazon provides a free reader (web based and/or downloadable; I use the web based one). Enjoy!


Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change but were valid at the time I wrote this post. I wrote this post of my own free will and opinions and wasn't asked to do so.