Monday, October 21, 2013

Free Certification Exams - Limited Time

Free certification exams for a limited time! More details on my main blog:

PS I've decided that saving money is part of joyful living so keep an eye on my main blog for more frugal tips.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

$1 Wedding Bell - Best Thrift Shops

I love church and local charity thrift shops. Each one tends to be run differently but I think I can usually get better deals at such places than at giant national chain thrift stores. I'm so frugal that even Goodwill seems overpriced to me sometimes!

There's a hospital thrift shop I like to visit occasionally that has $1, $3, 50% off and 40% off sections. Their regular prices are kind of high but the discounted areas often have some nice treasures. I purchased the dove and rose themed wedding bell there for $1 recently. In the past I've gotten some lovely vases, workout clothes and even a suit jacket from their $1 section. And my absolute favorite pair of capri pants came from there too, although I think I paid $8 for them. They were brand new and fit me perfectly so it was worth the expense.

Where do you find your best deals?