Friday, February 17, 2012

JC Penney Has $2 Clearance Clothing Racks


$2 clearance sale price tag
 Today at the Annapolis Mall's JC Penney there were $2 clearance racks all over the place. I don't think I've ever seen so many people crowded around a rack in that store before. I bought 11 + 16 items for only $2 each. It's awfully hard to resist nice $2 clearance sale clothing. Given the improbability of my resisting future good deals like this I've decided to forgo my minimalist spending experiment, embrace my frugal nature and share my best deals with you.
There were $5 racks for big and tall men but I didn't see any great deals in the regular men's area nor did I see any $2 men's clothing racks. That's not to say there weren't any, but I didn't see them if there were. The womens' areas had $2, $5+ racks.

Think my favorite finds of the day are a silky ivory top and a black lace skirt which should look nice together. But maybe it's the steel grey evening dress... or the lovely light grey sweater. Of course, I'll probably get more use out of the blue hoodie and the summery tee shirts. It was a fun and frugal trip. If you go I hope you fare just as well or even better!

This was my first purchase of 11 items from the $2 sweater rack.


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