Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How to Make Easy & Free Bookmarks from Recycled Tissue Boxes

This craft project couldn't be any easier. If you happen to buy a brand of tissues that have a pull tab (like the Kleenex box, above), all you need to do is save the pull tab cardboard piece and make a few snips and you have an instant bookmark. It won't have cost you an extra penny and it's good for the planet (reducing waste, reusing something that would have been trashed or recycled and therefore recycling).

 This is what the pull tab looks like off of the tissue box.

Then I just snipped the four sides so the ridges and half moons were removed and I had an instant bookmark. You could get fancier (for example, you could use a hole punch at the top and add a tassel) but I just use them as is. You could also get a lot more bookmarks out of the rest of the box by using your original as a template (although that's not quite as easy as tear, snip, snip).

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