Thursday, September 27, 2012

Free Print Subscription to "Our Daily Bread," A Great Christian Devotional

I've enjoyed the Christian Our Daily Bread devotional (published by RBC Ministries) readings for years. It was especially comforting when I was in the military and far away from everything familiar but even today I enjoy the short stories, the rhyming verses and the Biblical lessons. There's something for every Christian in each issue of Our Daily Bread.

There's a recommended Bible passage, devotional/story and short poem/quote for each day. The electronic (web) version is posted daily and the print version has three months' worth of studies in a compact book. The electronic version has convenient links to the Bible passages (which you can read or listen to) and the print version easily slips into most pockets and purses. You can view Our Daily Bread electronically here or you can sign up for your own free print copy here. May God bless you!


Disclaimer: I wrote this blog post of my own free will and opinions and have no material connection with Our Daily Bread or RBC Ministries other than as a reader and donor.

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