Monday, February 20, 2012

Frugal Prescription Glasses Resource

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Someone asked for a cheap place to buy glasses today so I thought I'd share with you all too.  We get our glasses at Zenni Optical. We've been ordering from them for years and pay about $20-50 per pair although I believe they have glasses as cheap as $6.95 a pair. My husband orders both regular glasses and sunglasses but I mostly get sunglasses from them. We pay the extra for polarization and anti-glare coating but anti-scratch coating and full UV protection are currently included with all of their glasses. If we hadn't just ordered a couple of weeks ago I would now because they're running a buy two pair get one free promotion (promotions may end at any time so be sure to check their website before ordering to see what the current promotion is). The first time we ordered from Zenni Optical it was just to get a spare for my husband but they were such a great buy that we started ordering all of our glasses from them.

A couple tips about ordering glasses online:

1) Make sure you get your pupillary distance when you have your eye exam (or look up online how to measure it yourself). You'll need this measurement to place your order but not all optometrists put the information on your prescription.

2) Measure a pair of glasses you love and compare that measurement to those of the glasses you're thinking of ordering. I didn't do this the first time I ordered and ended up with a pair that were too short. They worked fine; I just didn't like how they let the sun in over the top.

Note: I have no material connection with Zenni Optical other than being a customer. This will be true of all my blog posts unless I specify otherwise. In other words, if I ever do have a material connection I'll share that (like I did with being related to Joshua Otte in my interview with him).


  1. Great information since I am in need of a new pair of glasses. If Zenni Optical can offer a return refund if the glasses do not fit, then I am sold.

  2. Not sure about their return policy, Mark, but it's got to be posted on their website. The first pair I ordered were skinnier than I expected (hence my recommendation to measure a pair that you like) but I just kept them as a spare pair and didn't try to return them.


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