Saturday, March 17, 2012

Celebrity Michelle Williams' Fresh Peach Makeup Look the Frugal Way

I adore this fresh spring "peach accents" look on Michelle Williams. It's really tempting to go out and buy what's in articles like this (especially when my coloring is similar to that of the celebrity) but it's far more frugal to first raid my own makeup stash and see if I have something similar first. The article indicates that the two items featured cost $100.00 total. I really didn't want to spend $100.00 but I did want to replicate Michelle Williams' look in the photo.

It turns out that I already had almost perfect matches for both the blush and lipstick pictured, only I had a gloss in stead of a regular lipstick. That means I was able to duplicate Michelle Williams' look with no additional out of pocket cost by shopping in my own makeup stash (making it essentially free for me), saving $100.00.

If I hadn't already had good matches I would have taken the clipped article with me to a local shop and matched up some inexpensive items (I literally hold the color part of the package next to the makeup in the picture. If the store has an area with natural light from windows, I try to do my comparing in that area.

I wasn't planning on a blog post for this so didn't jot down the name of the magazine but I'm guessing it was the current issue of Shape, a women's fitness magazine. The flash distorts the colors a little bit but you can still tell it's a good match. The color matches are more obvious in natural light without the flash. Hope you enjoyed this post on obtaining celebrity makeup looks on the cheap!

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