Wednesday, April 11, 2012

$14.99 Spring Reading Nook Makeover

Our living room is still under construction from last November's flood but work is stalled and life goes on and I decided my reading nook (currently a loveseat, and a tv tray which you can't see in the photos) needed a spring makeover. The beige fleece pillows had gotten lumpy and needed to be replaced and I wanted some more color around me when I read.

My dear friend Renee knit me this fantastic lap afghan which is perfect for reading so first I added that to the area. It's like getting a big hug from her every time I use it (thank you Renee!). I also had the blue and yellow pillow with pink embroidery from a previous year so the only money I spent out of pocket was $14.99 at Target for a two pack of the solid blue pillows. One is pictured above.

 The two pillow look didn't quite do it for me so I got one of my non lumpy beige pillows and sandwiched it between the two bright blue pillows.

Then I decided the brighter pillow would look nice over on the left, and I could pop it on my lap to support whatever book I'm reading in the nook. My little cat approved and decided it was also a great sleeping nook.

When my cute little black cat is awake she prefers the higher ground atop Renee's afghan.

Hope you enjoyed my frugal decorating process! Have you done any frugal redecorating you're proud of? Please share if you have!

PS I'll probably re-purpose the lumpy pillows into some craft project so they're in my sewing pile now until inspiration strikes.


  1. This looks great! I love cheap makeovers ; )

  2. Thank you Taylor! I enjoyed your Easter decor post too :)


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